Latest Prayer Points For The Charity
Moldova — Mark McCormick

We have arrived back in Moldova for a 6 week stay which will involve some family business in Romania and various ministry activities in Moldova

Could I ask for prayer for this time in Moldova

1) During our stay until end of August I will be speaking in a church every Sunday and most mid week meetings ( Wed, Thurs) when I will for the most part be doing refresher courses on the FRANK outreach project we do. -
This will hopefully inspire the believers to pray befriend and invite their FRANKs to outreaches in the autumn

2) I will be preaching the gospel at Baptism meetings (FRANKs saved from last year) on Sunday 28 July in Pascani and 12 August in Gotesti - pray for souls to be saved

3) I will be preaching the gospel every evening 5-11 August at a week long evangelistic event in Gotesti to celebrate the 20th year since the church was planted

I will write again about August events closer to the time but I would value your prayers that I be filled with Him in all that we do

Mark has been presenting the FRANK course on to members in churches Sunday Wednesdays and Thursdays and feels encouraged to see how the believers have responded with enthusiasm and renewed commitment to praying befriending and inviting to the outreaches in the Autumn

Pray this leads to FRANKs saved in this autumn's missions

Pray for Mark as he preaches the gospel in outreach meetings and a baptism meeting Mon 5 August to Sunday 11 August and that many unbelievers come and are saved



Thanks for striving together with us for the faith of the gospel Phil 1:27.