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As a mission we have been doing evangelistic outreaches through local churches in Moldova since 1995. For the first few years we were doing such missions to 200-1000 people in football stadiums Cultural houses and church buildings with many getting saved and later baptised Many of these are now in ministry.

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Since 2013 we have largely been evangelising in prepared smaller groups (around 6-12 unsaved attending)  in believers’ home. We call this project FRANK (an acronym for the believers unsaved Friends Relatives Associates Neighbours and Kids). The believers pray every day for 12 individual FRANKs for 12 weeks asking God to draw them to Christ and also to open a door for them to make friends with their FRANKs and then invite them to the outreach meetings in their homes in the autumn

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We bring teams of proclamation evangelists each preaching in 4 such groups per day for a week hopefully leading FRANKs to Christ. Those that respond are then led into new believers’ discipleship courses using materials we have produced for the churches to use. Up to 2019 there have been 8600 FRANKs that have heard the gospel in this way of which 2600 have made commitments  to Christ (remember these are ones that have been prepared by God with at least 12 weeks of prayer as well as befriending and witnessing to them).  Of these 350+ have gone onto baptism and church membership.

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Please see the below video explaining more about the FRANK course.

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