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Our Vision

Our 5 year VISION

We intend to continue to work with church planting Moldovan pastors; mentoring, equipping, assisting and supporting them in the ministry of planting some of the 900 towns or villages in Moldova that have no evangelical church of any kind. 

We already have 10 partnerships with planters that have between them planted more than 30 new churches over the last 15 years. 

These planters already had the heart and faithfulness for this ministry. We, in some small measure, have helped them in developing their gifting and releasing them into the ministry.

Our vision is to continue to work with these church planters in a mentoring role and with things like Project FRANK and also enter into partnerships with another 10-15 new planters (most of whom are disciples of our present partners).

Thus we feel that it is not unreasonable to pray and expect the Lord to use these pastors to plant on average 2 churches per year for the next 5 years – 10 by the end of 2028. We hope and pray for more.


Much will depend on whether we can continue to raise regular support for our existing partners and for new ones we wish to go into partnership with. Moldova is Europe’s poorest country which leaves churches unable to even support their own pastors let alone fund a church planting ministry.

When we form a partnership with a church planter we also commit to support them financially so they can remain in the work full time.

One of our earlier partnerships began when we formed a mentoring relationship with Stefan who was in our part time Bible school. At the time he was looking after a new work in a village that had 6 members but he was only able to get there once per week. We found a church in the UK that began to support him monthly thus releasing him into the work full time and within 2 years the church had grown from 6-60. Now 12 years on he is starting on his 4th church plant.

We seek individuals, groups or churches to support a church planter fully, or jointly with others. The need is £600 pm currently. If you are interested in helping in some measure go to the Donate page where you can support regularly or give a one off gift.

…..striving together for the faith of the gospel Phil 1:27b

Mark McCormick  CEO  Sep 2022


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