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Helping those in need

Moldova is Europes poorest country which as you can imagine leads to families in much need of food clothes and fuel in the wintertime not to mention acute medical needs that often come up.

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In Moldovan Mission we have a pot called the Moldovan Needs Fund from which we are able to help all our partners meet some of the needs of the poor in their villages. We constantly need funds for these ever increasing needs. If you feel you would like to help please go to our Donate page that facilitates both regular giving or one-off gifts.  About 3/4 of those receiving an aid pack agree to have a message from the Bible shared and many have come to know Jesus as a result but it is need not opportunity that decides who receives the aid.

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The war in Ukraine has meant that many refugees have come to stay with believers in Moldova (about 100,000 to date). All our church plant partners have refugees staying with believers in their churches. 

We have sponsored aid trips into Ukraine and we have helped build some smaller refugee centres to accommodate those either passing through or who are staying longer.

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